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Real Estate Attorney

Are you looking for a real estate attorney? Michael M. Walsh Attorney at Law in Staten Island, NY has been practicing in real estate law for over 30 years. If you are buying, selling, investing or refinancing real estate in New York City or Long Island, you are entitled to representation by a knowledgeable real estate lawyer who has a reputation for professionalism and vast experience in all facets of the transaction process.Courthouse Columns

Wills & Estates

It is important that you have an established estate plan and will so that your assets, medical care and family responsibilities will be managed after your death, or if you become mentally incapacitated. Michael M. Walsh Attorney at Law is ready to assist you with your last will and testament, health care proxy, living will, power of attorney, probate and estate administration, and elder care planning. Call 718-442-3900 for a consultation!

Elder Law

Elder law addresses the concerns and problems facing senior citizens such as asset preservation and the smooth transfer of assets. Michael M. Walsh Attorney at Law is well experienced in trusts, litigation, contracts, probate, estate administration and public benefits such as social security and Medicare. For help developing a customized plan for your individual needs, contact our legal team today.

Personal Injury

If you have been seriously injured due to the negligence of others, Michael M. Walsh Attorney at Law in Staten Island, NY is here to help. You deserve a personal injury attorney who will pursue sufficient monetary awards and long-term care, as well as financial stability. From auto accidents and dog bites to premises liability and medical malpractice, Michael M. Walsh Esq. is your aggressive advocate.

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