Staten Island NY Hiring A Lawyer

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When To Hire An Attorney

It is important to speak to an attorney before starting the real estate search process, however most buyers wait until they have found a house and their offer has been accepted. A quality attorney will advise you on what you can expect throughout the transaction. Issues addressed include closing costs, the property inspection, representations the seller will be expected to make about the condition of the house at closing, the closing time frame, title insurance, financing contingency, what will actually happen at the closing, and any post-closing possession problems.

Sellers are advised to speak to and hire a real estate attorney before listing their property for sale. The attorney can consult about the costs they will incur they will incur, what will be expected of them with respect to the condition the property has to be delivered in at closing, the time frames involved, clearing title problems, answering questions about how the property is classified with the building department, and what representations can be made while negotiating the sale all while following legalities.

Hiring A Quality Real Estate Attorney

Not all real estate attorneys are alike. Some are not qualified to handle a transaction from start to finish. The attorneys experience in real estate matters is the most important consideration. How long has he or she been practicing real estate and what percentage of their business is dedicated to representing buyers and sellers are important questions to ask. A referral from a friend or relative is the best way to find a reputable attorney.

Check out this interesting article entitled "The Case For Hiring A Lawyer" by Joseph Plambeck published in the New York Times Sunday Real Estate Section on October 2, 2011.

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